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We Have an Idea of How a Bank Should Be.

So what something is, and what it should be are often pretty different.

This summer, a new bank will strive to reset the bar for what should be by providing customers with a higher level of skill, more flexible services and friendlier assistance than seen from typical banks.

That’s our goal. Because that’s what we think a bank should be.

Banking Should Be Easier.

Slow service. Inconvenient locations. People who just aren’t helpful.

Sound like your experience?

There’s a new bank coming to Central Wisconsin with a lot of familiar faces that you might recognize. We’re aiming to make banking easier so guests can get their bank business taken care of quickly, correctly and efficiently!

  1. We’ll be strategically located near the center of where you work and live.
  2. Our online access will be as quick and effortless as possible so you can go about your day without spending your day at the bank.
  3. And we’ll do our best to be as friendly and helpful as we can possibly be!

That’s our promise. Because that’s what we think a bank should be.

Loans Should Be Quicker.

So how long should it take for a loan approval? A day? Two days? Longer?

We’re going for a few hours, not a few days, because we think your time is better spent enjoying your new purchase than trying to finance it.

How can we make loan decisions that fast? It’s because we have no internal “red tape”. We make all decisions locally because we aren’t a branch of anybody. Local people loaning money locally. And our collective staff has decades of experience with people with financing needs just like yours. This summer, you’ll see the difference.

Local lending to local people. We think that’s the way a bank should be.

Service Should Be Better!

When you think of the ideal bank, what is most important to you? Speed of service? Multiple borrowing options? Friendly staff? Convenient location? Great online services?

In one form or another, what people want from their bank is better service.

They don’t want a clunky online experience. They don’t want to have to fit into the bank’s programs, they want the bank to make programs that work for them. And they want somebody—somebody— to treat them as valued, respected and important. And a smile wouldn’t be bad either.

Come this summer, we hope you’ll take the time to discover what we believe a great bank should be.

People Should Be Helpful!

Ever felt like you’re just a number at your bank? It usually happens when we’re limited for time, trying to get our banking done during lunch, after work, before leaving town. You wait. And then wait some more.

This summer you will discover how efficient a bank can be. It’s not as much about great procedures as it is about great people. Our staff is made up of people who want to be here—people who want to help! And people who stick around long enough to know your name.

So even if we have a day where we aren’t lightning fast, you’ll at least have the satisfaction of working with people who care enough to know you!

We believe this is how a great banking experience should be.

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