Business Online Banking:  A fast easy and flexible way to access your business account information.  With Business Online Banking, you can view current balance information and transaction history, complete transfers between your accounts, make payments to your commercial loan account and view images of checks and deposit tickets.  You have the ability to authorize more than one user and can limit access with individual transaction limits and account accessibility based on authorizations set forth by you.  You also can initiate ACH transactions and wire transfers from the convenience of your computer.

Sweep Repurchase Agreements:  Investment sweep accounts make earning interest easy by automatically transferring excess money in your checking account to a high-yield interest bearing account.  Money in excess of an established target balance is moved each day into or out of a Repurchase Account which is collateralized with government securities.  The interest rate paid on the Sweep account is set by the bank on a monthly basis.

Funds Management Accounts:  Line of credit sweep accounts make saving interest on your loans easy by automatically transferring excess money in your checking account to your line of credit.  Money in excess of an established target balance is moved each day into or out of your revolving line of credit to save interest expense.  This saves you time as well as money by not ever having to worry about having too much borrowed throughout the month.

Remote Deposit:  This service allows you to scan checks and transmit images for posting and clearing from your home office.  Using a desktop scanner that connects to your PC and the Internet, you conveniently deposit checks without having to go to the bank.  Each check scanned is transmitted to the bank, sending it into the collection system faster than a paper check.  This also eliminates the need and cost of maintaining accounts at multiple banks based on geographic locations.

Mobile Deposit for Small Business:  Deposit checks into your Partners Bank Small Business Checking account from the convenience of your smartphone.

Zero Balance Accounts:  A zero balance account allows for a separation of various accounting functions, such as payroll, without having to set money aside, idle, in an account for that function.  Rather the company can consolidate all balances into their main checking account, maximizing earnings on all funds.

ACH and Direct Deposit:  ACH (Automated Clearing House) origination allows you to electronically move funds from one financial institution bank account to another.  Common uses for ACH are payroll direct deposit, tax payments and vendor payments.

Wire Transfers:  When there is an immediate need to transfer funds, we provide wire transfer services to banks within the United States, as well as foreign wire transfer services.

Merchant Services:  We can help you set up credit and debit card payment systems which increase sales by giving your customers more payment options.  Our merchant service provider is Payment Processing Consultants, Inc., a nationally recognized card processing company with very competitive rates.

Coin & Currency / Night Depository:  We provide coin and currency at no cost to our business customers as well as the convenience of night deposit services for after hour banking.