We Offer A Wide Range of Accounts To Meet Your Needs

  • Agricultural Loans – We understand the importance agriculture has to our local economy and have the expertise to provide specialized loan products to our area farmers.
  • Working Capital – Businesses at time experience periods of seasonality in their operations which require cash flow support that we can accommodate.
  • Revolving Lines of Credit – For businesses that have high volumes of inventory and accounts receivable that fluctuate during the year, a revolving line of credit gives them the convenience and flexibility to borrow, pay-back and re-borrow up to an established credit line amount.
  • Term Loans – For permanent working capital, equipment, machinery, vehicle and other long term borrowing needs, we offer flexible terms to match the purpose and cash flow of your company.
  • Commercial Real Estate Loans – Whether it for the acquisition or construction of a new building, or the need to expand an existing facility, we offer financing options with long terms of repayment of up to 25 years.
  • Business Credit Card – Through our relationship with Elan we offer this service for business owners and their employees to help them better manage their  cash flow needs through the convenience of paying by credit card.
  • Guidance Lines of Credit – For situations where there is not an immediate need to borrow but you want the availability to have access to funds quickly without waiting for a loan approval, we can set up a guidance line up to a specified amount to accommodate equipment, machinery or vehicle purchases.
  • Local Financing Programs – Many times there are special programs available that can offer more attractive terms from an interest rate or repayment standpoint.  We actively participate in these programs to offer you the best loan structure possible.
Commercial Loans

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