“To be the financial institution of choice by providing quality products and service, building valued relationships and operating as a financially-strong independent community bank.”



When you think of the ideal bank, what is most important to you?  Speed of service?   Multiple borrowing options?  Friendly staff?  Convenient location?  Great online services?  In one form or another, what people want from their bank is a better experience.

They don’t want clunky online banking.  They don’t want cookie-cutter programs and services.  What they really want is for somebody to treat them as valued, respected and important.  And a smile wouldn’t be bad either.

That’s Partners Bank



Convenient locations near the center of where you work and live.

Better online services and mobile banking that are quick and effortless so you can go about your day without spending it at the bank.

We feel we have the best team of friendly and helpful people in the business.

That’s Partner Bank



So how long should it take for a loan approval?  A day?  Two days?  Longer?  We think your time is better spent enjoying your new purchase than trying to finance it.

How can we make loan decisions so fast?  We make all decisions locally because we aren’t a branch of anybody.  Our loan team has years of experience helping people with financing needs just like yours.

Local lending to local people.  We think that’s the way a bank should be.

That’s Partners Bank